5 Place In Paris You Must Visit When Honeymoon

Paris from long time known as “city of love”. No wonder, because this city not only offer amazing views but best place to couple to visit to show their love to each other. VenusDaily has gather 5 place you must visit when honeymoon in Paris. Check it out:

1. The Eiffel Tower

You not visit the Paris, if you not visit the Eiffel Tower . Yup, that is because this place are landmark of the Paris and the place you must go when you are going to Paris. This 324 m monuments is most visited monuments in the world which million visitor come every year. And doesn’t forget to come to see this tower when night. It’s very magnificent with all light illuminating it.

2. The Louvre

One of historical landmark in Paris. The Louvre is the place mandatory you must visited when you traveling with your couple. You will find many art from painting and sculpture with “love” theme and deep meaning philosophy. And doesn’t forget to take picture in front of Louvre Pyramid to show your family later.

3. Arc de Triomphe

If you and your couple love history. Doesn’t forget to visit this landmark. Arc de Triomphe or Gate of Victory is built by order of Napoleon Bonaparte to remember all French soldier die in war. Based on their deep meaning philosophy, you can made this place as spot to say love to your couple.

4. Jardin Du Luxembourg

One of most beautiful park in Paris and Europe. Jardin Du Luxembourg is popular for many people as place to pre wedding shot or just uploaded it instagram. But, if you never go here, your travel to Paris is not fully complete. With amazing architecture and tons of flowers. This is place is mesmerizing for your travel spot. It’s not far from city of center. But if you want to go there, it’s better using car. There are many car rental in Paris including online cheapest rental which you can get to travel around.


5. Wall Of Love

If anyone have plan to propose, this place is the right spot to do it. Wall of Love known as place to confessing love for many couple. With background of wall full with all love words from many language. This destination spot is the place you must visit when come to Paris.

That is the place you must visit when you going honeymoon with your couple in Paris. If you want to planned your trip to Paris , simply using Trip application so you can get the best hotel & Flight in Paris. Happy Travel.


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