Benefit of Cauliflower For Health

Cauliflower is one of vegetable common to use in our cuisine. They are tasty and can combine with many other ingredients. Other than fit to any other ingredients, cauliflower offer many benefits to your health. This is some of benefits of cauliflower we can find:

1. Rich of Vitamins and Minerals

Cauliflowers have many fibers and vitamin contained, The most important is Vitamin A which good for your eye health. Fibers goods for your metabolism especially your digestive organ.

2. Prevent The Cancer

Latest study shows that cauliflower had substance named Sulforaphane which rich antioxidant and have benefits to prevent cancer. Not only that , the natural antioxidant very important to combat against free radical & inflammation.

3. Support Weight Loss Program

Because it’s fiber containment, Cauliflower is very good ingredients to use for support your weight loss program. The fiber will help you full longer . That is why this vegetables usually used for dietary ingredient by many people.

4.  Good For Heart

Cauliflower rich with Choline . If you doesn’t know, Choline is substance we need into our dietary rule. Choline is a nutrient that helps organs like liver and brain function correctly. A choline supplement may help reduce your risk of fatty liver disease.

Well, that is the benefit of cauliflower for our health. Very amazing how simple vegetables have very much benefits for our daily life. If you confuse what  food will you prepare with this vegetables today, you can always make it as protein salad like one recipe we had.


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