Add Hair Glitter At Home: 5 Ways To Make It Sparkle

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Are you feeling a bit bored with your hair right now? Do you wish it would look a little more impressive? Are you looking for ways to spruce up your dull locks at home? Then you’ll want to read this article! Have dull hair can be frustrating and disappointing, but it doesn’t have to be that way if you know how to make it look great again. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to add some color and vitality to your mane. Give your locks an extra boost by sprinkling glimmering glitter on them — and we’re not just talking about the Christmas kind. Here are 5 simple steps to help you get the most out of glittering your hair:


Use A Hair Dryer For Hair Glitter

If you’re willing to try a little DIY, adding glitter to your hair is easier than you might think. All it takes is a little bit of patience and a hair dryer. Before you begin, make sure your hair is clean — preferably shampoo-free — and that it’s free of tangles. You’re going to want to use your hair dryer to add curl to your hair while it’s wet. If you don’t do this, the glitter will just stick straight to the hair and not get the desired effect. Once your hair is wet, grab a bowl and add some of the glitter. You want to make sure that you’re adding enough to get a decent amount of color, but not so much that it looks like you’re wearing glitter. Once you’ve added the glitter to your hair, add more as necessary to get the coverage you want.


Add Color

If you want to make your hair really pop with glitter, you’ll want to add some color to your hair before you start, to make your hair glitter more sparkling. This will help your glitter stick to your strands and make your hair look a little more full. Once you’ve added the glitter to your hair and dried it, you’ll want to add the color. To do this, add your colorant to a bowl. Then, add the glitter and stir until everything is mixed together. You’ll want to make sure that your color is mixed in well with the glitter — you don’t want a ton of glitter on one strand of your hair while the rest is covered in color. Once your hair is colored, you’ll want to wrap your hair in a towel for a few minutes so that it can dry. This will allow your hair to be coated in colored glitter, rather than the glitter just sitting on the surface. Once your hair is dry, you can remove the towel and unwrap your hair. Your hair should look slightly more full and vibrant.


Sprinkle With Glitter

Once your hair is colored and dried, you’ll want to sprinkle your hair with the glitter. If you’re not sure where to begin, the back of your hair is a good place to start. Start near the roots, and use your fingers to sprinkle the glitter around the back of your head. Once you’ve sprinkled your entire head, use your fingers to gently push the glitter from the back of your head towards the front. This will make your hair look fuller and more voluminous. The back of your hair is a good place to start because it’s less noticeable than the front of your head. If you start near the front and sprinkle glitter into your hair, it will look like you’re wearing a ton of glitter.


Don’t Brush It

If there’s one thing you don’t want to do, it’s to brush your glittery hair. You’ll want to avoid brushing it out of the same reason you’d avoid brushing out your color. You don’t want your hair to look one way and have it look different. When you brush it, it releases the glitter and makes it look less full and vibrant. If you do brush it out, your hair will look a little thinner and less full. You’ll want to brush your hair gently so that it doesn’t release the glitter. Once you brush it out, the glitter will fall out and look much less full.


Wrapped Up In A Towel

You’ll want to wrap your hair in a towel for a few minutes so that your hair can dry in the same direction it was naturally growing. This will help your hair stay in a similar shape to how it was before you dyed it, and will keep the glitter from releasing into other portions of your hair. Once you’ve wrapped your hair in the towel, you can remove it when it’s dry. Your hair should still be in the same shape that it was in when you wrapped it in the towel.



By adding hair glitter, you’ll be able to add some color while also sprinkling glitter on top. This will make your hair look fuller and more vibrant than it would normally. If you’re not sure where to begin, the back of your hair is a good place to start. Once your hair is dry, you can sprinkle it with glitter or remove the excess glitter with a hair dryer. If you don’t want to brush your hair out and don’t want to add extra volume, don’t brush it and leave it in the same shape it was in when you dyed it. Wrapped up in a towel, your hair will stay in the same shape and look full as it did when you dyed it. From adding a pop of color to your hair to making it look fuller, glitter is a great way to give your locks a boost. Of course using hair glitter not only one way to beautify your hair . There are many ways to get beauty hair including keratin treatment, have you you try one of them? If not you can read our article about Keratin Treatment to make your hair more healthy.

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