All You Need To Know About Hybrid, Volume, and Classic Eyelash Extensions

Classic Eyelash Extensions, Hybrid Eyelash Extensions, and Volume Eyelash Extensions

Classic,Hybrid, & Volume Eyelash Extensions : A Guide To Find Your Right Eyelash Extensions

Are you tired of wearing just one pair of eyelashes all the time? Or are you worried about your natural eyes looking less pretty with time? Well, your answer is coming from a place of insecurity. Wearing only one pair of eyelashes can look like a sign that you lack confidence in yourself and others. But with the latter, there’s no need to worry because there’s a solution! For those who wish to extend their repertoire of eye lashes, there are different ways to do so. And in this article, we will discuss all three types of extensions—Classic,Hybrid,and Volume—in great detail so that you can pick the best choice for your individual needs.

difference between Classic Eyelash Extensions, Hybrid Eyelash Extensions, and Volume Eyelash Extensions

Difference Between Classic Eyelash Extensions, Hybrid Eyelash Extensions, and Volume Eyelash Extensions (from pinterest beauty kouture)


Classic Eyelash Extensions

A classic eyelash extension is the most common type available in the market. With the help of a lash technician, this type of extension is usually glued onto your natural eyelashes. The technician will usually apply the glue with a brush with the help of a special glue. After which, they will hold the extension for as long as you need them to. The length of time for which you need to wear the extensions depends on your needs. If you wish to create a false lash look, then you can wear the extensions for a longer period of time. However, if you wish to have a natural look, then you can have them on for just a few hours a day.

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

Hybrid eyelash extension are an advanced variant of classic eyelash extensions. These are even more sophisticated and beautiful than the classic extensions. However, hybrid extensions are also glued onto the natural eyelashes of the patient. However, they are stitched and glued with a special adhesive (no brush is used) and they stay in place for longer hours. With the help of this adhesive, the lash technicians can make the extensions look thicker and more natural. These also come in different lengths, thicknesses, and colours.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Volume eyelash extension are the most advanced of all the three types of lash extensions. With the help of a special lash glue, the volume extension is stitched onto the natural eyelashes of the patients. These look the most natural and beautiful. Even though they are specifically designed to make the lashes look voluminous, the volume extension can be used to extend the length of your natural lashes as well. However, it will look a lot fake if it’s used for too long.

Tips and Tricks Before Getting Your Lashes Done

If you have decided to get your natural lashes extended, then you need to make sure that you are mentally prepared for this process. Before you go to the salon to get your extensions done, try to visualize yourself with longer and thicker lashes. This visualization can only help you get rid of your insecurities around your eyes and make you feel more confident in your appearance. When you go to the salon for getting your extensions done, make sure that you are well-prepared. This means that you have a full makeup kit with you. Moreover, you have a pair of false lashes ready as well. This will help you to get ready for your eyelash application process a lot faster. (Also, it will help the technicians to complete their work faster as well!) Don’t get too excited and happy about your new longer and thicker eyelashes. You need to maintain a calm and neutral appearance while you have your eyelashes applied to your eyes. This will help the technicians in completing their work faster and better.

Pros of getting eyelash extensions

Apart from making your eyes look more beautiful, the main advantage of getting eyelash extensions is that it can help you boost your confidence in the eyes of others. You can wear more dramatic lashes and make a bold statement, without the need to worry about your skin and make-up as well as your clothes. You can wear make-up as per your desire and style and get the perfect look for any occasion.

Cons of getting eyelash extensions

Although getting eyelash extensions can be a fun and fulfilling experience, there are a few things you need to keep in mind before you go for the same. One cannot ignore the fact that false eyelashes are pretty expensive, especially if you have long eyelashes. So, to save some bucks, you can always go for short or thin ones. However, you need to keep in mind that short and thin lashes will make your eyes look smaller than they actually are. False eyelashes also fall off a lot and they become unusable when you wear them a lot. So, it’s always recommended to buy new ones regularly.

Final Words

If you have always wanted longer and thicker eyelashes, then you are at the right place. We’ve discussed the three types of eyelash extensions, their pros and cons, and tips and tricks. With this article, you should now know which type to try and which method would suit you best. Get ready to create a whole new persona with your new eyelash extensions. If you want other treatment to make your lashes looks beauty and thicker you can read our article about keratin lash lift. This will be best alternatives for you who like to lashes treatment in clinic.

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