Conch Piercing, It Is Good Choice?

conch piercing


Do you scrolls on social media this weeks, find cool conch piercing and decide to getting one. The conch piercing is a very popular body modification for those who love the ocean and beach culture. It is commonly known as the sea shell earlobe piercing. There are many who get this alteration done to look more attractive, and there are also many who get it done in order to express their love for the beach. It is a small hole that can be found on the earlobe of most people, so it may seem odd to pierce your ear through it. However, there are several pros and cons of getting this body modification. In this article, we will discuss some important things you need to know before getting a conch piercing.


What is a conch piercing?

The conch piercing is a small hole that can be found on the earlobe of most people. It is placed through the cartilage, and the hole is then filled with various metals. This type of piercing is well-liked by individuals who are into beach culture and those who are into the ocean. The conch piercing is one of the most popularly done body modifications in the world. However, the conch piercing or tragus piercing is not for everyone. It is a small hole that is found in the earlobe. The conch piercing is very popular in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, and many other Western countries. However, the popularity of this alteration has also grown in Asian countries like China, Thailand, and Japan. It is indeed a great trend.


How long does it take to heal after conch piercing?

The healing time for the conch piercing depends on the person, the size of the hole, the metals used, and the method of piercing. Generally, the healing time will be around 6 to 8 weeks. It is always advised to let the hole heal properly because an improper healing will not only lead to an infection but will also lead to a possible rejection of the piercing. After the healing period, you can start wearing the piercings after cleansing and disinfecting it. But the piercings should not be played with or tugged on while they are in the process of healing. It is also important to keep the piercing clean, and you can use saline solution, alcohol, or hydrogen peroxide to keep the piercing clean and dry. After one week, you can remove the jewellery from the piercing, and you can keep it clean until the piercing heals. But it is better to keep it dry until the piercing is healed.


Why people getting a conch piercing?

So do you should get your own piercing? It will depend on you. But you can see from this list why many people get theirs piercing.

– It symbolizes one’s love for the ocean and beach culture. Well, since conch piercing based on beach tradition. Some people getting it purely to identify them with love for ocean.

– It also symbolizes friendship and unity, so people get it done to symbolize friendship and unity. For some people they like to identify themselve with their community like friend or family. And similiar piercing with your bestie is very cute to do.

– It is an easy piercing to get. Like we explain above. Get good piercing is as long it’s from professional piercer, it’s not hard as it’s looks and more importantly the process to done it very fast.

– It looks stunning when done properly & cheap. Many piercing artist shop offers their service with good price. And more importantly, it’s easier to find to good artist via online. Just type piercing on your social media. You will get tons of good piercing artist. And the better is, you can find their portofolio and good model for you.

So after read this article, do you decide the piercing it’s good for your looks? Congratulation for your first piercing, The piercing will looks good on you if you combine it with other  beauty style like cute nails style or cool hair glitter. So, why not try to combine it to get your maximum looks.

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