How To Start Detox Lemon Water & Cleanse Your Body

detox lemon water

Is Detox Lemon Water Have Health Advantages?

Did you know detox lemon water routine has many advantages for your body? If you ever hear about lemon water help many people in their diets, it’s actually not wrong. Lemon water have low calories. In fact in half of lemon squeezed into water , only contains 6 calories*, This is very far with half liter of soda contains 182 calories alone. Because their low calories attributes, that is why lemon soda become choice of many people to their diet regime.

Not only stop in there, lemon water help you to reduce your calories intake. This based on study that show that drinking low calories beverages could reduces calories intake you get on overall meal. This study from Pub Med Central shows that eating with high calories beverages can increase your overall calories you consumed. That is why lemon water which had low calories attributes have many advantages in your daily diet regimes.

Not only stop in there, lemon water have their natural diuretics properties. This will help you detoxfying your body.  And of course, the king of all that is their vitamin C nutrients in lemon. Our body which need at least 40 mg of vitamin C needs good food like lemons to fill our vitamin C needs. And of course this vitamin C attributes is helping so much in detox process, that is why detox lemon water is one of great choice for many people doing diet and detox.

As you know to burn more fat, our body needs good liver condition. Healthy liver and healthy digestive system meaning your body can do theri work to crush the fat. More fat crushed means more healthy your body is. And in that side, consumed lemon, especially water lemon is the right choice. because their antioxidant will help us to keep our organ work in their place.

How To do Right Detox Lemon Water Routine

The morning is the perfect time to drink lemon water. Why? Because when the body has not consumed anything, the body can carry out the detoxification process by drinking lemon juice dissolved in warm water. Work and liver function can be lighter and can optimize the weight loss process.

When lemon juice and warm water are consumed together, the body’s metabolism will increase. The effect will also help control appetite better. Excess fat can be broken down even more optimally. If lemon is mixed with warm water, it can stimulate gastrointestinal movements which can facilitate digestion. That’s why detox lemon water becoming new trend especially they who start new diet regime.

Lemons can increase metabolism and support the alkalinity-capacity of water to neutralize additional acids without decreasing the pH value of solutions in the body. In addition to lemon juice and warm water, there are other lemon drinks that you can drink for your diet.

More importanly, consumed more water in morning can help your body stay hydrated which is important thing to combat disease. Routine consuming the lemon water can help your skin maintain their right condition, and antioxidant in lemon will give your skin extra protection which combat ageing process.

Recipe To Made Your Detox Lemon Water At Home

You can always make your own variation lemon water at home. Not only limited to infused lemon water, but the lemon juice is important too, if you really serious to make lemon water as your choice to complete your diet regime or detox program. Below we gather some recipe of lemon water you can try at home easily.

Infused Lemon Water

This is most easy type of lemon water you can try at home. the ingreadients is very simple. You only need warm water and slice lemons, here is how you can made it;

  • Prepare 2 lemons, wash thoroughly
  • Slice the lemon into pieces, remove the seeds.
  • Prepare 1 liter of boiled water
  • Add the whole lemon slice to the water.
  • You can add cucumber slices, mint leaves, or other fruit as a flavor enhancer.
  • Leave the lemon water for at least 1 hour and a maximum of 4 hours. You can put it in the refrigerator for freshness.
  • After 1 hour, the infused water will taste sour, which means the infused water is ready to drink.

Honey Lemon Water

If you feel normal infused lemon water as your detox lemon water regime is too hard too handle because their sourness . This recipe can help you to adapt your body. Many people suggest this variation for they who fist starting their detox program. Here is the recipe;

Ingredients for how to make honey lemon water:

  • 1 lemon
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 1 cup water

How to make lemon honey lemon water:

  • Wash the lime/lemon to avoid dust and keep the drink hygienic
  • Thinly slice the lime/lemon, not too thick.
  • Put honey in a glass (don’t use sugar because it can trigger weight gain)
  • Enter the lime and water, then stir gently
  • Let stand for 1-2 hours in the refrigerator
  • After the water feels quite acidic, the honey lime water infusion is ready to be enjoyed. Add mint leaves if you want to get different cools sensation

Drinking Infuse Honey Lime Water regularly can reduce body weight , accompanied by a healthy diet and exercise of course. Of course the result will different for many people. If you want to know more about other herbs which you can looking our articel about Herbs You Need to Detox Your Body. This will give  more advantage for you who looking detox program easily at home.



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