Fulani Braids : Simple Tips & Inspiration Model

fulani braids

Fulani braids are a hairstyle that is often worn by women of the Fulani tribe, an ethnic group also known as the Fulfulde. The Fulani people are primarily found in Nigeria, Benin, and Togo. However, it has become quite common for African women to adopt this hairstyle since it is trendy right now. If you want to learn how to do fulani braids but feel intimidated by the idea of working with your hair, then this article is here to help you ease into it. In this article, you will learn different techniques that will make working with your hair much easier than you think! Let’s get started:


How to Do Fulani Braids 

As we will be discussing the different steps for how to do fulani braids, it is important that you have a basic understanding of how to do those braids. So, let’s start with one of the most common braids. The Fulani Braids are made by first parting your hair on the right and left side. Then, you need to part your hair down the middle, where you will then part your hair on the top and bottom. You will braid your hair from the bottom up and from the top down. Once you have braided your hair from the bottom up, you need to use a comb to help smooth any strands that you didn’t pick up. Once you have braided your hair from the top down, you need to make a small section on the top and untie it with your fingers. Then, you will untie your hair from the bottom and untie the section you made on the top. Make sure the section you untied from the bottom ends up on top of the other section you untied from the bottom.


Step by Step Instructions

Now that you have a visual of how to do fulani braids, let’s now discuss each step:

Parting your hair – Parting your hair is very important when doing braids. If you don’t part your hair, you will have a very difficult time braid and untangle your hair.

Smooth your hair – Next, you need to smooth your hair. Smooth your hair will make it much easier to work with. You can use a smoothing product or a hair comb to smooth your hair.

Pick a section of hair – Once you have smooth your hair, it is time to pick a section of hair to begin your braid. We recommend picking a section that is around three to four inches long.

Prepare the section for the braid – When you have the section selected, you will now want to prepare the section for the braid. This means you will want to untangle the section of hair you picked from the top. Untangle your hair – Once your hair is untangled, you can now start your braid.

Braid your hair – Next, you will want to braid your hair. There are two ways you can braid your hair. The first way is to braid your hair from the bottom up. In order for this to work, you will want to use small sections of hair. This will make it easier to braid your hair. Once you are done braid your hair, you can then untie the end. The other way to braid your hair is to braid your hair from the top down. In order for this to work, you will want to use larger sections of hair. Once you are done braid your hair, you can then untie the end.

And it’s done, but of course you can creatively doing many model for your fulani braids . In below we already compile many model you can use as ideas to get your perfect fulani braids.


Conventional fulani braids

traditional fulani braids

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This is most common style with this braids. Or you can say conventional model. To do this style you should have a long hair to made it’s braids possible. But the positive points, It’s made your hair looks thick and full. And most importantly . Hair care is must, so your hair don’t damaged easily, one of hair care fit for this task like Tress New to make your hair intact and keep healthy.


Accessorial Fulani Braids

Accessorial Fulani Braids

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You can mix and match your fulani braids with accesorial stuff like beads, shells or glitter to make it’s more cute and interesting. This hairstyle usually use by many actress which use fulani braids to the party or events.


Braided Bun Fulani

Braided Bun Fulani Braids

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In this style you can try braided your hair to make bun on top. This style make you looks like wearing crown on your head. But always remember to moisture your hair consistenly , since this style usually make your scalp easily dry.

Fulani braids can become one of your alternative style for your hair. But always remember to take extra care for your hair if you want to use this style. So your hair not damaged easily and keep healthy.

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