Keratin Lash Lift : The Complete Guide About This Lash Trends

keratin lash lift

If you’ve ever had long, frustrating lashes that always seemed to get stuck against your eyelids, you know how frustrating it can be. Many people feel self-conscious about their appearance or simply don’t know what to do about their lashes. Fortunately, there is an easier fix for problematic lashes other than just trying to get used to them: the keratin lash lift. This treatment will make your eyes look younger in a very natural way while also making it easier for you to remove any eye makeup at night. If you have never heard of this procedure before and are curious about how it works, keep reading below!


What is a Keratin Lash Lift?

A keratin lash lift is a procedure to  make your eyelashes longer and thicker with keratin fluid as material to keep their shape. Usually this procedure can spend 1-2 hours depend on clinic. The result will be smoother, less-irritated eyelashes. The keratin lash lift is a fairly new cosmetic procedure. It was first developed in the 1980s but only gained traction in the 2000s. There are several cosmetic eyelash treatments on the market today, including prescription versions. The keratin lash lift is a relatively simple procedure that can be performed in a doctor’s office. It  is safe and effective for most people. Lash lift are one of the most popular professional services in the beauty industry today. Their popularity largely stems from the amount they can transform your look with just a few applications. From an aesthetic standpoint, this treatment can make your eyes appear more open and awake.


How Does the Keratin Lash Lift Work?

When you have thick, long eyelashes, there is a chance that they can get stuck against your eye. This can cause some minor irritation and make it difficult to open your eyes in the morning. To reduce this irritation, your doctor will use a special machine to remove the “bristles” from your lashes. Once your lashes are cleared, After that, the eyelashes will be coated with keratin fluid. Therefore, this technique is also known as Keratin Lash Lift. This keratin is the one which made your eyelashes looks thicker and curly. And because the keratin properties, your eyelashes can lasting longer and they can then easily glide against your eye without causing irritation. Many people find that their eyes feel much better after the procedure is completed. There are a few other cosmetic procedures that can make your eyelashes longer and thicker. However, these procedures can also cause your eyes to be more sensitive to sunlight. A keratin lash lift can make your eyelashes longer, but it does so in a way that does not affect your eyes. This makes it a less invasive and safer option for most people.


Things to Keep in Mind Before Getting a Keratin Lash Lift

– Consult your doctor about the best time for you to have the procedure. While most people can have the procedure at any time of the year, certain people may be better off waiting. Discuss your options with your doctor to get an idea of what is best for you.

– If you have been using artificial eyelashes, you must remove them first before do this treatment. Consult your doctor about this first.

– If you have been using makeup to cover up your lashes, you will need to wait a few weeks before applying makeup again. The makeup will need to be completely removed before you can apply it again.

– If you wear contacts, you will need to wait a few weeks before wearing them again. The procedure is done with your natural lashes and will need some time to grow back.

– It is important to follow your doctor’s instructions about when to wear sunglasses. If you have had the procedure, you should protect your eyes from the sun for the first few weeks. If you wear sunglasses, you will not be able to tell if your lashes are fully healed.


Benefits of the Keratin Lash Lift

– Add years to your appearance – The keratin lash lift works by increasing your lash length without changing the thickness of your eyelashes. This means that you can look years younger while also wearing less makeup.

– Easy makeup removal – After you have the procedure done, you can easily remove your makeup at night with a gentle cleansing solution. This makes it much easier to remove your makeup while also reducing your chances of getting a bacterial infection.

– Less irritation – Since your eyes will be less sensitive and irritated after the keratin lashing lift, you will be able to wear makeup again much more easily. This makes it easier to to be confident when you are wearing makeup. – More natural look

– Many people like the more natural look that a lengthened lash has over a thicker lash look. This is especially true if you have had the procedure done to create a fuller lash appearance.


Who is a Good Candidate for the Keratin Lash Lift?

– People with long, thick eyelashes who have experienced minor irritation – While almost anyone can have the keratin lash lift, it is best for people who have experienced minor irritation. If your lashes are short or barely noticeable, you will likely have to wait a few years before the procedure becomes an option.

– People with a mild form of albinism – If you have naturally white-blonde or nearly-white eyelashes, you may be a good candidate for the keratin lash lift as well. This is because the procedure can be done with a small tool that does not affect the color of your natural eyelash.

– People who have been refused by other treatments – People who have tried other treatments, but have not been able to achieve the desired results should consider the keratin lash lift. This is because it can be performed as an office procedure and is safe and effective.


Aftercare for the Keratin Lash Lift Treatment

– Follow your doctor’s instructions about when to wear sunglasses while you are healing. If your doctor is doing the procedure, they will likely give you instructions about when to wear sunglasses.

– Keep your eyes closed and away from water while you are healing. This will help to keep the area around your eyes clear while it heals.

– Avoid rubbing your eyes. This can irritate the area and delay healing.

– Do not pick your nose and do not sleep with your eyes open. This can cause bacteria to build up in your eyes and lead to an infection.

– Try to apply sunscreen to your eyelids if you are going to be in the sun. This will help to protect your eyes from the harmful effects of the sun.

– Use the eye drops that your doctor prescribed. These will help to prevent any irritation or infection in your eyes. – Follow your doctor’s instructions about when to stop wearing your bandage. While you are healing, you will likely have a bandage or gauze placed over your lashes.

– Keep any stitches clean and dry. This will help to keep them from becoming infected.


Keratin lash lift cost

Keratin lash lift is slowly become cheaper as more clinic offer the treatment right now. In United states lash lift treatment service can goes around 75$-150$.  Keratin lash lift near me in New York States offers their service more expensive around 100$ – 175$, but you didn’t need to worry. Some treatment clinic usually offers complete package treatment which come more cheaper . You can browse online and  search  “keratin lash lift near me” and search their promo section to know are they offer package or discount. Some lash lift clinic generous enough to offer discount for their social media follower, so search using social media too to know their promo and packages.


Lengthening and thickening your lashes sounds like the perfect solution to your lash dilemma. However, remember that this procedure is safe and effective only if it is performed by a licensed professional. If you are not sure if you should have the procedure done, there are a few things that you can do to get a better idea of whether it is right for you. Make sure that you consult a licensed professional before having the procedure done. Make sure that they are properly trained in the procedure and that they have performed the procedure on other people before. Make sure that you make an effort to find out as much as you can about the procedure. This will help to ensure that you are making the best decision for your needs. But if you are still not sure if this is the best lash treatment for you, eyealash extension always can become alternative, find out our article about eyelash extensions to know more about this.

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