Tragus Piercing : 5 Thing You Should Know About This Adorable Trend

tragus piercing

The Tragus Piercing, The Lasting Trend For Decade.

If you’re the preppy type, the classic “nerd chic” look probably isn’t for you. Luckily, there are a variety of non-traditional piercings that anyone can get to add a bit of panache to their wardrobe. One such piercing is the tragus piercing, also known as the lamb’s ear piercing or the conch piercing. Though it may not be immediately apparent what this piercing does, once you have it in your ear, you will understand why so many people opt for it.

The tragus piercing is a popular alternative to ear piercings. It is often confused with other similar body modifications, such as helix, conch, and rook. However, this article will go over the details of what makes it unique from the others. In fact, the tragus piercing can be considered an excellent alternative to ear piercings.

The reason behind this is because of its similarities to the piercing in the earlobe. Some people are also concerned that they may get an infection or other health problems. The tragus piercing is not just a cosmetic modification; it also serves as a practical alternative to conventional ear piercings. If you’ve always wanted to pierce your ear but were worried about safety and pain—don’t worry any longer! We have all the information you need about this popular new body modification.


What is the Tragus Piercing?

The tragus piercing is a body modification that involves piercing the cartilage of the earlobe. It is usually done on both the cartilage and the helix of the ear, though an individual may choose to have it done on only one side. In some cultures, this piercing is common as a rite of passage for certain professions, notably as a member of the clergy. The body modification is named after the rounded area of cartilage in the middle of the ear that is pierced. The tragus piercing is a relatively recent addition to the body modification scene. The majority of research into the piercing originates from the late 90s, but it has been practiced and referenced in art and literature for hundreds of years.


The Benefits of the Tragus Piercing

Recognizable. Due to its distinctive shape, this piercing is a great body modification to show off in a crowded elevator with a group of friends, or while out and about with friends. You may notice that people are particularly curious about your ear, since it is not the normal human shape. This attention can be flattering and feel empowering.

Convenient. The tragus piercing is a small, unobtrusive ear piercing that can usually be done right in your local specialty piercing studio or other health facility with no medical training or certification.

Reliable. The tragus piercing is one of the most reliable piercings you can get. The small surface area makes it an easy piercing to heal, and it is also extremely difficult to get an infection from.

Cost-effective. The cost of the tragus piercing is significantly less than other body modifications, such as the labret piercing or the eyebrow piercing.


The Tragus Piercing Is a Double Helix piercing?

The Tragus piercing is most commonly a double helix piercing done on the helix of the ear. In this configuration, the piercing extends from the helix down through the cartilage. Due to the small surface area of this piercing, it is also frequently done on the tragus—with the cartilage side of the piercing. Though it is unusual and certainly not necessary, some people also choose to have a Tragus piercing done on the conch. The conch is the area of the ear just below the helix, and it is usually pierced in the same way as the Tragus piercing. The conch piercing, however, is usually only done by those who have the Tragus piercing done on the helix as well.


Is the Tragus Piercing Safe?

This type of piercing is considered a safe, low-risk procedure. This is because it is performed with a specialized, sterile earring which is never taken out of the ear. In addition, the procedure itself is performed with sterile tools. These factors, combined with a low risk of infection, make the Tragus piercing a very safe piercing to have done. The only potential safety issue with the Tragus piercing is the type of earring used. Earrings made of non-sterile metals, such as nickel, titanium, and aluminum, may be harmful because they can cause an allergic reaction. In these cases, it is best to use earring backs to prevent an allergic reaction.


The Tragus Piercing Pros and Cons

This type of piercing is a great piercing for those who want something new to show off but don’t want to get a more invasive piercing like a helix, helix/conch, or eyebrow/lip piercing. It is also a great piercing for those who want to avoid a painful procedure, as it is usually painless and easy to heal. The only potential con of the Tragus piercing is that it is most commonly done on the helix and tragus—and therefore appears very similar to the helix piercing. You will want to make sure that the person piercing your ear knows the difference between the two. The advantage of the Tragus piercing is that it is a small, unobtrusive piercing that can generally be done in a studio or other health facility with no medical training or certification. It is also one of the most reliable piercings you can get.



The tragus piercing is a great new body modification that can be done in almost any studio or clinic. It is low risk, easy to heal, and extremely reliable, making it one of the safest, easiest piercings you can get. You should definitely consider attempting it if you’ve always wanted to get a piercing but were worried about pain and infection. If you choose to get the Tragus, you’ll be glad you did. If you want more conventional piercings, take a look out review about Ear Piercing 101 , this will add resources for you before decide to do piercing.

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