5 Nail Art Ideas You Should Try This Week

Nail Art Ideas
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Do you sometimes feel like you are wearing the same nail polish or nail art every day? Well, sometimes it’s okay to break the monotony and try something new. Not only does doing so keep you interested in your appearance, but it could also help you discover some new artistic talents. So if you feel like trying something new this week, here are five different nail art ideas that you can try out.


striped manicure nail art
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Striped Manicure

If you love wearing stripes, but you don’t know how to create them on your nails, then this is the nail art idea you need to try. Stripes have a very stripped-down fashion look, which is why they are often found on rock stars, fashion models, and celebrities. Moreover, they are extremely easy to do with nail polish, so they are great for beginners to try out. First, you will need to paint your nails with a stripey blue colour. The best thing about this nail art idea is that you can use as many different colours as you want as long as they are all stripey. Next, you will want to paint your nails in about two to three horizontal stripes, going from the base of your nail towards the tip. Try to make each of these stripes slightly different to make them more interesting looking. For the finishing touches, you may want to add some dots or stars for a bit of extra pizzazz.

Split Shallow V

This is one of the most beautiful nail art designs that you can create. In fact, it is the perfect choice for Valentines Day, as the lines in the middle remind us of the shape of a heart. The shallow V nails have been around for many years now, but they have only recently been discovered. They are an extremely old nail art design that is almost identical to the ones that were popular when cars were first invented. This kind of nail art is great for Valentine’s Day, as it is a very romantic design that is also very vintage. What many people don’t know is that it is very easy to create this type of nail art. All you need to do is paint your nails in the colour that you want your design to be. Then, you will want to create lines that go from the centre of each nail to the edge. You can paint these lines in any direction that you want, but it is usually easier to do them in a vertical or horizontal direction.

Dots and Dotty Flowers

Although it is not technically nails that are being decorated with dots, the flowers that you paint on your nails are the real stars of this nail art idea. This type of flower painting is extremely popular, especially in Asian cultures. It is a very elegant design that is great for weddings and other special occasions. While you can choose to paint your nails with flowers that are plucked from nature, it is much more fun and artistic to paint images of flowers on to your nails. This is easily accomplished by using nail polish. Once you have done this, you can paint on dots of another colour to create the images of the flowers you want.


Dusky Nail Art
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Dusky Nail Art

If there is one type of nail art that won’t go out of style, it is the dusky nail art design. This is a very ancient type of nail art that is believed to have originated in India. It has recently become very popular, and it is often seen on models and celebrities. The dusky nail art looks really cool, especially when you use a dark colour for the base colour of your nails. You can also use this nail art idea to create interesting patterns on your nails by painting them with dots or lines. You can also add some texture to your nails by painting them with a texture nail polish.


Lady Bug Nail Art
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Lady Bug Nail Art

Lady bugs are a very popular insect that is often seen in gardens and fields. They are also one of the most beautiful types of bug in the world, which is why they are often used as the inspiration for many types of nail art. Lady bug nail art looks really awesome when you use different shades of orange for the spots on your nails. What is even cooler is that the lady bug nail art does not require you to do any special painting skills. You can use any nail polish that you want, and it is a very simple design that anyone can try out.


Wrapped Tips nail art
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Wrapped Tips

Wrapped tips are one of the most popular types of nail art. They were made popular by models and celebrities, but they are really easy to do, and you don’t need any special equipment. What many people don’t know is that you can create wrapped tips at home with nail polish. Wrapped tips are extremely easy to do, and all you need to do is paint your nails in a colour that contrasts with your skin colour. After you have painted your nails, you will want to gently wrap the tips of your nails in the colour that contrasts with their skin.

Wrapped Words and Numbers

If you are into numbers and words, then you will love this nail art idea. This type of nail art is extremely popular, and it is done by many celebrities, models, and creative people. What many people don’t know is that it is also very easy to create. What you will need to do is paint your nails with a colour that contrasts with your skin colour. Then, you will want to use the wrapping technique that we mentioned above to create the text or numbers that you want. You can use any kind of words or numbers that you want, and you can also paint patterns on to your nails using dots.


If you are sick of wearing the same manicure every day, then you should try out these nail art ideas that are guaranteed to get you out of your rut. Not only will you have fun and interesting nail art designs, but you will also be helping your creativity and artistic skills grow. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced nail artist, these nail art ideas are sure to inspire you. And, if you are bored of wearing the same manicure every day, you should give one of these ideas a try.

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