Chola Makeup : Trend From Cleopatra Until Today

Chola makeup

Chola makeup is all about accentuating one of the many features that make us unique as individuals: our skin color. You’ll never see a chola wearing anything subtle, and that’s exactly why we love it. If you want to stand out from the crowd this summer, then you need to learn how to do Chola makeup like a pro. It’s time to get creative and tap into your inner artist!

To master chola makeup, you first have to figure out what type of chola you are: Do you have green or red undertones? How pale are your skin tones? And most importantly, what colors do you prefer?

Cleopatra, the goddess of beauty, good looks and charm has a lot to answer for. In fact, she probably invented the whole concept of beautifully adorned skin with kajal, tinted cheeks and lip balm. Chola is all about color and she knows her way around makeup too. Forget about fake-mechanical, greasy formulas that get smudgy after just one use. Chola makeup is all about minimalism and wearing just what suits you rather than repeating a single trend over again from day to day. You see, Chola isn’t one for endless bridal look after wedding look – rather a collection of five or six different looks if you will.

What is Chola Makeup?

Chola makeup is basically the art of getting a beautiful complexion and applying a few makeup tricks to give it a flawlessly carefree look. Chola makeup is best suited for those with oily skin who are looking to stay away from the greasy, face-shattering effects of conventional makeup. If you have dry skin, don’t worry about it. Just follow our Chola makeup tips and you’ll get a beautiful glow that doesn’t make your skin feel totally dry. Chola makeup is all about highlighting your best features and making your skin glow. It’s all about making your skin look youthful and fresh, but without looking like you’ve slapped on a bunch of makeup. It’s all about looking like you’ve been to sleep and woken up naturally with a little powder and a little blush on.

5 Different Chola Looks You Can Try

1. Bright Eyes – If you have warm toned skin, opt for warm-toned eyeshadows like golden browns, taupes or bronzes. You can also try lighter shades of browns, nudes or a couple of lighter shades of green or blue to create a fresh, summery look.

2. Dark Shadowy Looks – Darker shades of browns, taupes and blacks work best for those with fair skin. For those with darker skin tones, try a smoky eye with a brownish black shade like charcoal or brownish grey for a more casual look. A smudged out look with a little loose powder and a soft focus filter is another look that’s subtle and romantic.

3. Blush-On-Blush Looks – For a pinkish flush, try using a rose or peach-hued blush and then blending it with a peach-hued or pinkish blush to add more depth to the look. For a more flushed look, go for a coral blush to add a more natural, summery look.

4. Concealer-On-Concealer Looks – Try using a golden or off-white loose powder as a highlight for those with fair skin. For those with deeper skin tones, try a dark brown or black loose powder and blend it with your skin to give the illusion of a higher coverage look.

5. Cherry on Top – For those with oily skin, go for a plum or deep shade of red lipstick that has a glossy sheen to it. For those with normal skin or dry skin, try a matte red or deep burgundy lipstick.

Which Chola Makeup Should You Wear Today?

If you’re looking to try out Chola makeup, we have a few suggestions for you. Start with a light makeup look with a nude or lightly tinted cheeks and lips. You can also toss on a pop of color with a textured eye look or a smudged out look with a loose powder shadow. For a more colorful, grown-up look, try out a bold smoky eye or a dark shadowy lip look. Once you’ve nailed down your first couple of looks, you’ll be able to branch out and try out more looks. Depending on the season and your preference, you can try out different makeup looks. For cooler months, you can go for a matte makeup look with soft focus filters and loose powder shadows. For sunny months, try out bolder makeup looks with vivid eye and lip colors.

Tips For Getting Chic Chola Looks

Pick the Right Makeup Products – When trying out Chola makeup, it’s important to choose the right makeup products. While there are various makeup brands, palettes, and products that claim to be suitable for chola makeup, the best products for chola makeup are ones that aren’t too heavy or oily. Lightweight formulas and powders work best for this look, especially if you have oily skin.

Pick The Right Colors – One of the most important things to remember while trying out chola makeup is to pick the right colors. You can’t just slap on a random blush or lipstick color and call it a day. You need to pick colors that suit your skin tone and complement your face shape. You can also try out different makeup looks to figure out what looks best on you.

Keep Your Eyes Open – The next thing you need to keep in mind when trying out Chola makeup is to keep your eyes open. Make sure that you don’t overdo your makeup look by drawing your attention towards your eyes. You want to look like you’ve been to sleep naturally and woken up with a little powder and a little blush on your face.

Don’t Skip The Base – A little bit of light foundation or a loose, translucent powder on your face goes a long way in Chola makeup. Make sure that you don’t skip the base and that you keep your face matte and shine-free.


Chola makeup might be a newer trend, but it’s definitely one worth checking out. It’s all about looking youthful, natural, and fresh while using only a few makeup products. No big brushes, no fancy brushes, and no complicated steps. It’s all about the right products and a few tricks here and there. And you can easily achieve this look with the right makeup products. We hope you enjoyed reading this article, and it helped you learn how to get chola makeup.

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